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The Registration "4 vs 4 League" is not currently available.

Fall 4 vs 4 League

Fall 4 vs 4 League games will begin in September and continue through early November.  This is a great way to get some game play in before the season and do some team building.  Players will need to provide their own jerseys for use during the games.  Goalies will be rotated throughout the teams during the season and playoffs.  A referee will be provided at each game.

Goalie Assignments

Date Team Canada Team Finland Team USA Team Sweden
09/10/23 Currie Dewey Holt Klaren
09/17/23 Larson Hauger Currie Dewey
09/24/23 Holt Klaren Larson Hauger
10/01/23 Hauger Larson Klaren Holt
10/08/23 Dewey Currie Hauger Larson
10/15/23 Klaren Holt Dewey Currie
10/22/23 Holt Klaren Larson Hauger
10/29/23 Larson Hauger Currie Dewey
11/05/23 Currie Dewey Holt Klaren